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Our journey began with a simple but very distinct vision: Purity made accessible for all. Here at Global Aroma, We bring the spirit of nature to the comfort of your own homes with a wide array of aromatherapy products all crafted in India with love and positivity. Shaped with culture, rooted in wisdom and adapted to modern sensibilities. Join us in our quest to provide affordable luxury to all. For us, good aroma isn’t a privilege, it is customary. It doesn’t stop at products, it inspires lifestyles.


We use only the very best of ingredients, free of harmful toxins and irritants that are damaging for your body and skin. Bonus, our ingredients are all naturally sourced, clean and green; made with the utmost care and attention to detail, all without any synthetic processing.Each of our products masters the art of perfection. Every creation, an expression of love for the environment! Nature for the win!


We are proud to make it known that each and every one of our products is entirely handcrafted in India. It is important to us that we emulate the country’s rich heritage of spirituality and the serenity that comes with it. It is where nature meets tradition to handcraft beauty that goes beyond sight, found at the intersection of what we see and what we make of it.


Apart from being all-natural, our ingredients are ethically sourced as well! And since ‘ethical’ is not just a buzzword to us, we are also committed to being 100% vegan. A seamless blend of elements that are both sense and sensuous, our products don’t come at the cost of childhood or the planet.

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Excellent product. Easy to handle and leaves you refreshed after the massage. It’s a must have for all!
Mia Kapoor


Listening to our customers and understanding them is at the core of the brand. All of these pieces are created keeping spirituality and the metaphysical state of mind, in mind. So most if not all of these pieces are inspired by spirituality or are based on the need of the consumer. During the course of the pandemic, we have heard you and decided to extend our services online so you can order your essentials from the sanctity of your house. Essential oils, diffusers, humidifiers or ethereal lamps; we aim to deliver all the necessities you’ll ever need to shape a revitalized, healthy and positive you. 

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